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2004 Calendar

2004 Calendar (partial)

Mar 27: (Tru & friends) Corvallis, Old World Deli –

— warmup for Dennis Kucinich speech 7-9 pmTruOS-Kucinichrally2

Apr 2: (Tru) Newport High School – 5 classes, music of the Oregon Trail
Apr 2: (Tru & Tim) Newport – Old Time Dance, 7 pm by invite (just ask!)
Apr 11: (Tru, Adam, friends) Seattle – at Adam’s house
May 7: (Tru) Pedee School, Old Time “Cowboy” Dance, afternoon
May 29-31: (Tru) Seattle, Northwest Folklife Festival
June 18 Friday: (Tru, Jane, & Deja Blue) party/ oldtime Square Dance, Multnomah Center 7 pm
June 24 Thursday: (Tru & Wes) annual concert/dance for ASL Institute, Monmouth
June 26, Saturday: (Tru, Jon ten Broek, friends) party in Dallas, evening
June 27, Sunday: (Tru, solo) WorldBeat Festival, Salem Waterfront Park, 5-6 pm
July 3 Sat.: (trio, Tru, Wes & Tim) Salem Limousin Ranch, party/concert/singalong/SquareDance 4-10 pm
July 18 Sunday: (Tru & Jon ten Broek) Corvallis Da Vinci Days; Oregon Trail set, 3-4 pm
July 31 Saturday: (lots of folks) Once on a Blue Moon party at Truman’s, 5 – midnight
Aug 7 Sat.: (Tru & Jane) Salem Grassroots Festival, Riverfront Park Salem, 3-4 pm (free!)
Aug 14 Sat.: (Tru) Oregon Wagon Train Reunion, Independence park @ noon – 2 pm
Aug 14 Sat.: (Tru) Oregon Wagon Train Reunion Potluck, Independence Historical Soc. 6 pm
Aug 15 Sunday: (Tru & Tim) Sauvies Island, Bybee-Howell House, for Historical Soc., 1-2:30 pm
Aug 16 Monday: (Tru, Jon ten Broek, Wes) Monteith Park, Albany, 7 pm sharp. Music of Lewis & Clark, opening for Pierre Cruzat enactor Daniel B. Free to all
Sept 8 Wed: (Tru) solo at Multnomah County Zoo 6-7:30
Oct 10, Sun.: (Tru & Sid Beam Trio) Benefit for Polk Cty Democrats, at Airlie Winery, 1 pm —
Oct 12, also Oct 19 Tuesdays: (Tru) Corvallis Outdoor school, pm , acc. Gail Wells Speech
Oct 15, also Oct 22 Fridays: (Tru) Corvallis Outdoor school, program: Music of Lewis & Clark

Dec 7-12: (Tru & Pablo) for Native Mexican Dancers, Guadelupita celebrations
Dec 12: Native Mexican Dancers, Guadelupita dances Corvallis – 2 pm
Dec 12: Native Mexican Dancers, Guadelupita dances State Fairgrounds Salem – 4:30 pm
Dec 12: Native Mexican Dancers, Guadelupita dances Independence – 7 pm
About the Dancers for Guadelupe Celebrations [Description & 2-3 photos]
Dec 31: with Puddle Jumpers (bluegrass band) in Salem, private party & old time square dance, 7 to past 12

re. Some Jams:
2nd & 4th Saturday most months: (but it might be good to inquire first!) Old World Deli, 220 S 2nd, Corvallis, 7-10 pm
Every Sunday afternoon in the summer – Kings Valley Farmer’s Market; pretty nice little jam 1-4 pm
Friday 7-10 pm at Guthrie Hall 3 mi. S of Dallas… I don’t get there much anymore. Might in summer.
Best fiddle jam in the Northwest: after the Lottie Mott Jam, Seattle, 2nd Friday each month