Truman Price

Fiddle and …

Jam at Tru and Suzi’s 15Feb15
guests inc. Joe Huff, Phil Sollins, Jim Hockenhull, Shepard Smith, Louann Fugal, Jean Fugal, and Don Taco Austin
We did…
Barlow Knife
Big Scioty
Puncheon Floor
Shove that Pig’s Foot
Granny Blair (from Estel Bingham) [ note: work on this!]
a bit of Washington’s March, from 1789 – t.
Aura Lee
Jenny on the Railroad
Indian Nation
Old Aunt Jenny with her Night Cap On (3 parts, crooked); from Estil Bingham via Bruce Greene
Fort Smith Breakdown
All The Good Times are Past and Gone
Lightning in the East
Benton’s Dream (Benton Flippen, via Shep)
Horse and Buggy
Lonesome John
Angus Campbell (from Gene England, via tru)
I’m as Happy As I can Be in This Land
Snowbird in the Ashbank (Booker’s tune, via tru_
St. Antoine’s Reel
Brushy Fork of John’s Creek
Billy in the Low Ground – 1839 version, re. Knauff
Hangman’s Reel
Jeff Sturgeon (from John Salyer)
The Engineers Don’t Wave From the Train Any More
Cuffey *missed
Melville Two Step
Chinese Breakdown
Duck River
Five Miles from Town (2 long parts)
Camp Meetin’ on the Fourth of July
When the Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune for the Night
Rose on the Mountain (tru, 1839)
Walkin’ Down the Georgia Road