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Keizer jam tunelists

This page is only lists of tunes played at the first-of-the month Keizer oldtime fiddle jam.
These lists are a year or two old, but we’re pretty much playing the same tunes.

Jam Jan 6

Jean – Black Diamond Strings
George – Briarpicker Brown
Roger – Year of Jubilo, + Texas
John – Step around Johnny
Jim – Forked Deer
Tru – Jaybird
Jean – The Engineers Don’t Wave Any More
LuAnn – Coleman’s March
George – Cattle in the Cane (solo!)
Rog – Kicking up the Devil on a Holiday (James Bryan?)
John A – Valley Forge
Jim – St. Renard’s Reel
Tru – Old French
Jean – Darling Corey is Gone
Lu – Midnight on the Water
George – Flop Eared Mule
Roger – Needlecase
Melissa – Jackie Wilson
to A
Jon – Texas
Jim – Malvern
Tru – Soldiers’ Joy
Jean – Open Up those Pearly Gates
Lou Ann – Clayhole Waltz
Rog – Crow Little Rooster
Melissa – Sweet ‘Bama
John – Shenandoah Falls
Jim – Waterbound
Tru – L:ittle Dutch Girl
Jean – All the Good Times are Past and Gone
Lu – Hangman’s Reel
Rog – Walk Along John to Kansas
Rog? – Tater Patch

April 7, 2013:
(arrived late, 1:30)
Jim H. – Step Around Johnny
John A. – Mississippi Sawyer ( the old style; D to C in the second part)
Debo – a nice Blues in D, didn’t catch the title!
Jim Schultze – Cincinatti Hornpipe
Tru- Cowboy Waltz
Jim Ford (?) : Fortune – (also has lyrics: “Wisht I had a fortune…”)
Bruce – Red River Valley
(For some reason singers today leave out my favorite verse:
Won’t you think of the one you are leaving,
The sweetheart who loves you the best –
Would you leave her behind unprotected
As you go to ramble in the west?
one of the original 1860’s lyrics out of Manitoba.)

Gary – Sara Armstrong
Sally –>Jim : St. Stephen’s
Roger – Walkin’ Down the Georgia Row (road, etc.)
Rachel (?) – Too Young to Marry
Jim H – Chuck in the Bush
JA – Five Miles from Town
Debo – Ookpik
Here’s the link to a rendition of Ookpik by the composer, Frankie Rodgers: Very different (more lively) than the way we all do it now.

Tru – Barlow Knife
JF: – John Brown’s March
Bruce – ‘Til the End of the World
Gary – Shoes and Stockings (*note – learn it)
Sally – Shove that Pig’s Foot
Rog- Possum on a Rail
Jim H – Possum up a Gum Stump
John – Sandy Boys
Beth – Fair and Tender Ladies
Jim S- Red Haired Boy
Tru – Bill Cheatham
JF – Shortening Bread
Bruce – Frosty Morning
G – Little Rabbit –
S -> Roger : Little Dutch Girl
Jim H : Texas
? – John Squirrel Hunters
? – Marching Throiugh Georgia
Jim S- Aura Lee (var) ( or Ora Lee? – fiddle tune, not the 1840’s song!)
Tru – Magpie
JF – Pretty Little Shoes (in G mixolydian instead of Amix)
Bruce – Jamie Allen — JAMIE ALLEN. AKA and see “Jimmy Allen,” “Reel of Tullochgorum.” English, Scottish, American; Country Dance Tune (4/4 time). England, Northumberland. USA, New England. G Major. Standard. AABB. Northumbrian musician Jamie Allen was a famous small pipes player whose name is associated with this tune.
Gary – Chattanooga
Rog – Indian Nation
Jim H – Old Mother Flanagan

Keizer jam May 5, Cinco de Mayo

Roger – Fraley’s Sail Away Ladies
Bruce – Banks of the Ohio
Sarah – Cherokee Shuffle
Jim – Road to Malvern [this one has a cut/off 2nd part!]
Dan – Jaybird [Pete Sutherland’s version, a little more intricate in the B part]
Tru – Old French
Roger – Crow Black Chicken
Bruce – Back to Chattanooga
Sarah – Red Rocking Chair [@ Lucas Poole version …]
Jim – Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
Dawn – West Fork Girls
Tru – Nellie Bly
Rog – Angelina Baker, w words
Bruce – Rock Salt and Nails , the Utah Phillips song
Jim – Step Around Johnny
Jim – Cajun Blues in A [Fond d’Culac]
Dawn – Midnight on the Water
Tru – June Apple
Roger – Buffalo Gals [the newer version]
Dawn – a lovely unknown tune – what is it, Dawn?
Jim – Billy in the Low Ground
Roger – Texola Waltz
Bruce – the Miller’s Song
Tru – Swallow Time [original, G what?]
Jim – Hollow Poplar
T & J – Sugar in the Gourd
Jim – Possum up a Gum Stump
Rog – Shove that Pigsfoot further in the fire

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Keizer Jam Dec 1

Tru – Sarah Armstrong
John – Five Miles From Town
Roger – Briarpicker Brown
Jean – Camp Meeting on the 4th of July
Lu Ann – Snake River Reel
Kurt – Coleman’s March
Bill – Been All Around This World
Tru- Storbo Jons’ Schottische
J- Nixon’s Farewell
George – Mississippi Sawyer
R- New Five Cents
Jean – Where Shall I Go
Lu- Midnite on the WAter
K- Sandy Boys
B- My Wandering Boy
T- Bill Cheatham
JA- Booth Shot Lincoln
G- Shenandoah Falls & a bit of Appleknocker
R- Way Downtown, Foolin’ Around
Jean- Some Day I Will
Lu – Boatsman
K- Cherokee Shuffle (note: see Stan Rogers’ Watching the Apples Grow, to same melody)
B -> Rog: Horse & Buggy
T- Redhaired Boy
JA- June Apple
G- Hangman’s Reel
Rog – Little Dutch Girl
Jean – Sweet Heaven when I Die.

Alas, it was still sounding good when I had to leave.