Truman Price

Fiddle and …

— Set list: NW Folklife, Adam and Truman

Wait For the Wagon
The story of Betty Martin (all the tunes/songs had their historical settings described briefly)
Betty Martin 1719? 1845? Henry Reed 1968?
Sample of modern Billy in the Lowground (C)
Billy in the Low Grounds, 1839 (A)
Oh Suzanna – Gold Rush Version
Rose on the Mountain , 1839
Nellie Bly, 1850
Story of Fall of Paris , 1780-1862
Fall of Paris ( and a quote of the high B part)
Mississippi Sawyer (banjo starts, with that same part)
Valsetz Loggers Lament * 1984
(*This being a last-minute add, on finding we were between two groups each billed as NW Timber Community songs)

No one left. Standing ovation. Several well-wishers at the exit ramp.